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Live Webinar
February 29th at 2 p.m. ET
AI Transformation for Credit Unions: Leap into the Future with Rodney Hood

Join us for an exclusive webinar as we introduce Rodney Hood, the former Chairman and Board Member of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), to the Board of Directors at Posh. Rodney brings invaluable insights from his leadership role. In this dynamic session, we dive into the crucial conversation surrounding the significance of choosing AI partners committed to a strategic focus rather than treating artificial intelligence as a mere add-on to your existing technology.

With his extensive experience and insights gained from NCUA, Rodney will share his perspectives on the evolving landscape of credit unions and AI's pivotal role in shaping their future. As credit unions strive to stay competitive and resilient in an ever-changing financial environment, the need for purpose-driven AI solutions becomes increasingly apparent.

Seize this opportunity for an in-depth exploration with subject matter experts:

  • Witness transformative AI solutions in action through engaging product demonstrations.
  • Discover how our innovations seamlessly align with risk management standards vital for credit union success and security, underscoring our commitment to responsible AI adoption.
  • Visualize AI's transformative potential within a real-world credit union setting.

Please note this is a closed webinar for financial institutions. Posh reserves the right to cancel the registration for any organization that does not meet the criteria. Thank you for understanding.

Featured Speakers:
Karan Kashyap
CEO & Co-founder, Posh
Rodney Hood
Board Member, Posh
Matt McEachern
CTO & Co-founder, Posh
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