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November 15th at 1 p.m. ET

Navigating AI in Community Banking: Adapting to Changing Customer Expectations

In today's rapidly changing landscape, community banks face the imperative of harnessing the potential of AI to stay competitive. We know the journey can seem overwhelming, so join us as we unravel the intricacies of Generative AI, Conversational AI, and Large Language Models (LLMs). We’ll be your partner in helping you to navigate the ever-evolving world of AI with confidence and clarity.

This webinar will equip you with the insights and knowledge to utilize these cutting-edge technologies effectively within your organization.

This webinar is exclusive to community banks only.

Sponsored by JAM FINTOP

Please email info@posh.ai for a copy of the recording.

Please note this is a closed webinar for financial institutions, exclusive to community banks. Posh reserves the right to cancel the registration for any organization that does not meet the criteria. Thank you for understanding.


Why attend?

  • Elevate your understanding of AI's transformative potential for your customers, staff, and operational excellence.
  • Discover invaluable strategies for risk mitigation and gain essential guidance for crafting your AI roadmap.
  • Dive into tangible, real-world applications of Generative and Conversational AI, including voice banking, digital assistants, and knowledge management.

How Generative and Conversational AI can help your bank:

  • Handle 64%+ of customer requests without a live agent
  • Cut search time by 93%
  • Reduce the cost of overflow calls by 63%
  • Reduce abandon rates by 93%
  • 24/7 customer service


Featured speakers:

Co-founder & CEO

Karan Kashyap

Prev: Researcher, Artificial Intelligence Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Co-founder & CTO

Matt McEachern

Prev: CSAIL Masters MIT