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Live Webinar
April 10th at 1 p.m. ET
Mastering Telephony Migration with AI: Leveraging Experience for Maximum Value
As the push for cloud migration in financial institutions grows, alongside the rise of AI adoption, learn how to ensure your organization’s success throughout the journey. Join us for an insightful webinar with Posh’s Kathy Sianis and Todd Woods, Interra CU’s SVP of Technology, on how Interra CU realized the benefits of integrating AI technologies alongside a telephony migration. 

In this session, uncover the exponential value of AI integration in migration efforts, optimizing resources, technology spending, and customer experience while accelerating efficiency gains and mitigating call center challenges, all within a single, streamlined initiative.  Whether you're mid-migration or about to embark on your journey, this webinar arms you with the knowledge and tools essential for maximizing the value of your telephony migration efforts:

  • Leveraging Conversational AI: Understand how integrating Conversational AI technologies can streamline the telephony migration process, enhancing efficiency, engagement, and effectiveness.

  • Experience Matters: Learn the importance of drawing upon experience in telephony migration to optimize outcomes and maximize value for your organization.

  • Practical Strategies: Gain insights into actionable strategies and real-world examples that can be implemented to eliminate concerns and ensure successful telephony migration projects, regardless of your level of expertise.

Please note this webinar is exclusive to select financial institutions, clients, and partners of Posh. Please be advised that Posh reserves the right to cancel registrations deemed to have insufficient information or those that do not meet our specified criteria for attendance. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Featured Speakers:
Kathy Sianis
VP of FI Strategy, Posh
Todd Woods
SVP of Technology, Interra Credit Union
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